PRISMASCOPE Summary Video:
Learn about the highlights of our program

This short (7 minute) video covers the basic premise of PrismaScope and talks about our approach to learning!
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Program Overview:
About our program and perspective

At the heart of the Prismascope methodology is using the arts to boost creative potential.
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A PrismaScope Dream:
Returning the Arts to Education

This great nation has forgotten a critical element to our success, the value of a great education! Primascope is designed to foster creative thinking through practical application of the arts...
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PrismaScope Art:
Projects with a message

Prismascope programs include various art projects which we use as a vehicle for core message delivery.
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Helping power inter-disciplinary educational success through practical application of Creative Potential.

Based on The National Standards for arts education programs, PRISMASCOPE is an educational platform that utilizes hands-on projects in the visual, audio, literary, and performing arts to empower inter-disciplinary academic achievement and life-path success.

This innovative educational tool teaches students to explore, develop and nurture their creative potential. Like light refracted through a prism, the PRISMASCOPE learning program is divided into six crucial aspects, or 'facets', of the human experience: creativity, identity, natural order, education, choice, and change. Students explore these 6 aspects of life experience to better realize their creative potential.


When all of these facets are brought into play, creative potential is realized. Embracing each of the six facets produces a more balanced, confident, and effective state of being, the 'wholeness' that is necessary to fulfill the true gift of life… that is, our creative potential!

All along the pathway of life, one can gain a renewed perspective. A 'Portal of Possibility' will open before you. Step over the threshold and you will have gained access to a land of infinite creative potential, and achieved an expanded capacity for tapping your own creativity! Following the desires of your heart gives you the strength to pull off your dream, but it is confidence in your creativity that actually keeps you headed in the right direction.

Viewing ‘self’ through the PRISMASCOPE perspective enables the individual to face life’s inevitable challenges more effectively. Simple, flexible, and adaptable, the PRISMASCOPE program is:

This, then, is PRISMASCOPE:

Everyone on the planet benefits when human potential is nurtured. This program will help you nurture your untapped creative potential!